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Teeth Whitening

Would you like whiter looking teeth?

At Marrickville Dental Health Centre, we are devoted to restoring your teeth to a natural brighter and whiter colour and enhancing the beauty of your smile.

Our specialised dentists will use safe methods to reverse the effects of discoloured teeth. A teeth whitening agent called ‘Hydrogen peroxide’ is used to penetrate your teeth and dissolve the stains and pigments. The chemical action involves the break down of long colour molecules into shorter ones, therefore reducing the appearance of the molecules which will make your teeth look brighter.

This treatment is safe on your teeth and gums and cause no long term side effects.

We offer two types of teeth whitening:-

  • Treatment in our clinic
  • Treatment at home

Marrickville Dental Health Centre will provide you with a professional consultation to help you find out what type of treatment is suitable for you.

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